Sunday, October 4, 2009

Patty cake Patty cake...

Just one more month and my little boy will one year old! I just can't believe it, it just amazes me that he is already 11 months old. So right now we are in full force mode planning Isaac's first birthday. We are so excited about it! And when I say "we" I actually Ha! I am just so excited about his first birthday.
You maybe wondering why I titled my blog with "Patty cake Patty cake." Well a couple of weeks ago Isaac finally got the whole clapping thing down. So now he knows how to do Patty is so cute. No matter what he is doing if I start singing patty cake he stops whatever he is doing and will do patty cute! And now we are working on blowing kisses...he hasn't gotten it completely yet but he is getting close...haha!
Well he isn't walking...yet! I can tell he wants to sooo bad but he just hasn't figured it out yet. You know a part of me really wants him to walk, b/c I think it will make my life alot easier. But then another part me doesn't want him to b/c I know he will be into EVERYTHING! So I am just letting him do it at his own pace.
And last Friday Isaac got 2 more teeth in. So now he has 8 teeth...thats why he likes to eat so much...ha! It's so funny b/c everytime he always gets 2 teeth at time. He got his first 2 teeth when he was 4 months old, the 2nd set at 6 months, the 3rd set at 8 months old and now the 4th set at 11 months old...its so crazy.
Well I guess that is it for now...I am just waiting for his next dr's appointment b/c I am very curious to see how big my little boy is. Well I posted some pics below...
Isaac's 10 month Max's birthday party!

Nice hair baby boy!

Laughing at momma...

Talking to momma...

He always knows when the flash is I get this face...ha!

Not sure what that is below his nose...gross!

Playing with his dump truck.

He is trying to escape out of the living room.

Playing with momma's head band...and having fun.

Eating mandarin oranges and cracking up.

Pretty baby boy.

The result after letting Isaac feed himself ravioli. Had to sensor some parts here...gotta keep
it PG around here...haha!

Playing with the dishwasher....he loves to be in the kitchen.

Trying to get his ba-ba.

But he didn't get it...haha.

Isaac with his best little buddy...cousin Dylan.

On our way to the parade. Isaac looks so happy...hehe!

I had to take a picture of him in his big boy car seat, his big boy jacket and his big boy shoes!

Mommy with her favorite person...

Biker dude! Isaac with Daddy's doo rag on and it actually fits him!

Isaac playing with a hanger...he loves to play with those things.

He knew when the flash was coming...again!

I just love those chubby cheeks...I always try to eat them...haha!

Walking around with his dump such a big boy!

Waving and talking to momma.

He looks so big in the picture.

Align Center
Playing with his toys...he loves to play!

Messing with usual.

The dvd' of his favorite toys.

Eating something he found on the floor...ha!

Climbing up on usual.

Isaac being carted around by Dylan.

He was having so much fun playing with Dylan.

Getting into stuff at aunt Leah's house.

Dylan is telling Isaac to get out of his way...and Isaac is not listening...haha.

There we go...he got around him.

Posing for the camera...where is the smile?

Dylan trying to fit in the car...and yes Dylan does not have any underwear on...haha!

Naked just his usual.

He seriously was not in a smiling mood this day.

Playing with Dylan at uncle Shane-o's birthday party.

They loved the tinker toys!

And Isaac eating the tinker toys!

Playing again...

My handsome little guy!

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